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LTS kernel and userspace support

Hi all,

Are recent package upgrades compatible with older LTS kernels? In other words, can I maintain in my system the 4.14 LTS and performing 'pacman -Syu' once a week, with the confidence that all the newest userspace package will continue to work? I am worried since the LTS kernel version maintained in the Arch repos is the 4.19, while I'd like to maintain the usage of 4.14 (I am already using a 4.14 package maintained by me, so upgrading the system would not affect that package).



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Re: LTS kernel and userspace support

There's no absolute guarantee for that, generally yes, practically I know that e.g. recent Qt releases break on iirc 4.4 and earlier because they use a new renaming API not available on such an old kernel.

I'd assume that you should generally be alright as long as you use a kernel that still receives "some support" in some form. However there likely will eventually be user space that wants to make use of newer kernel functionalities without providing graceful fallbacks.


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