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#1 2019-11-06 11:26:44

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[SOLVED] Brave browser repo

I'm curious why there's no package yet in official Arch repository? in AUR I see a couple of maintainers for Brave browser package, I really like Brave productivity. I have installed Brave with snap and it works flawlessly, when I installed from AUR it had weird bugs like --no-sandbox etc.. After installing from Snap it has no issues whatsoever.

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Re: [SOLVED] Brave browser repo … repository?

arch wiki wrote:

The Arch User Repository is where all PKGBUILDs that users submit are stored, and must be built manually with makepkg. When PKGBUILDs receive enough community interest and the support of a TU, they are moved into the community repository (maintained by the TUs), where the binary packages can be installed with pacman.


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