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#1 2019-11-06 13:38:26

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amdgpu.dc=1 dpms stanby problem. other distro not problem.

Here is the explanation.

My dpms, monitor standby not working with "amdgpu.dc=1" grub setting. If i set amdgpu.dc=0 standby fixed. But it's doing performance downgrade and other problems.
Manjaro not doing this problem ( kernel 5.3.7 ). I compared like everything. xorg.log, drm settings, amdgpu settings, firmware and more. I cant find difference. I'm thinking its related with new mkinitcpio, kmod,  initframs. But i'm not professional.
I'm finding lots of "amdgpu.dc=1"  related problems.  Somehow problem repeated.

What can i do ?


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