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[SOLVED] pass nvme partition to qemu

I've replaced my main SATA drive with a shiny NVMe drive. I have a parition shared between a bare-metal Windows 10 and a qemu Windows 10 I run from Arch. I used to pass the partition to qemu Windows with:

-drive if=virtio,format=raw,media=disk,file=/dev/sda3

and it worked fine. Now I've replaced it with

-drive if=virtio,format=raw,media=disk,file=/dev/nvme0n1p3

but qemu Windows sees the drive as an unpartitioned disk ("Unallocated" in the disk manager with the correct size). The partition IS there with all the data, I can mount /dev/nvme0n1p3 in linux (with ntfs-3g).

Am I doing something wrong? What's the correct way to pass a nvme partition to a qemu guest?

(edit) Nevermind. I reformatted the partition in windows (instead of mkfs.ntfs) and now qemu recognizes it.

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