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No output with distccmon-text when building in a chroot

When building an a chroot (devtools) my distcc cluster happily accepts requests out from this build, but distccmon-text shows only blanks.  I invoked defining the DISTCC_DIR variable per the distccd man page to where the build root is using.  I see activity in that directory while building so I'm wondering why (something in systemd-nspawn?) the util isn't seeing the distcc work as it does when I build outside of the chroot.

% DISTCC_DIR=/scratch/.chroot/facade/build/.distcc distccmon-text


% ls /scratch/.chroot/facade/build/.distcc/state
binstate_12150  binstate_12154  binstate_12174  binstate_12185  binstate_8958  binstate_8973  binstate_9051
binstate_12151  binstate_12160  binstate_12178  binstate_8950   binstate_8965  binstate_9047  binstate_9859

% ls /scratch/.chroot/facade/build/.distcc/lock
backoff_tcp_10.9.8.102_3632_0  cpu_localhost_2            cpu_tcp_10.9.8.102_3632_2  cpu_tcp_10.9.8.112_3632_2
backoff_tcp_10.9.8.112_3632_0  cpu_localhost_3            cpu_tcp_10.9.8.102_3632_3  cpu_tcp_10.9.8.112_3632_3
cpu_localhost_0                cpu_localhost_4            cpu_tcp_10.9.8.102_3632_4  cpu_tcp_10.9.8.112_3632_4
cpu_localhost_1                cpu_localhost_5            cpu_tcp_10.9.8.103_3632_0  cpu_tcp_10.9.8.206_3632_0
cpu_localhost_10               cpu_localhost_6            cpu_tcp_10.9.8.103_3632_1  cpu_tcp_10.9.8.206_3632_1
cpu_localhost_11               cpu_localhost_7            cpu_tcp_10.9.8.103_3632_2  cpu_tcp_10.9.8.206_3632_2
cpu_localhost_12               cpu_localhost_8            cpu_tcp_10.9.8.103_3632_3  cpu_tcp_10.9.8.206_3632_3
cpu_localhost_13               cpu_localhost_9            cpu_tcp_10.9.8.103_3632_4  cpu_tcp_10.9.8.206_3632_4
cpu_localhost_14               cpu_tcp_10.9.8.102_3632_0  cpu_tcp_10.9.8.112_3632_0
cpu_localhost_15               cpu_tcp_10.9.8.102_3632_1  cpu_tcp_10.9.8.112_3632_1

Here is an strace while building in the clean-chroot (showing the no output).
For reference, when building outside of the chroot, here is an strace (this is when the util does show work).

One difference I noticed not being an expert with strace is the failure log shows lines with "kill(xxx, 0)                           = -1 ESRCH (No such process)" whereas the successful one simply ends in "kill(236421, 0)                         = 0" ... but I am unsure why or how to remedy.

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