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OpenVPN bypass incoming traffic

I current have 1 PC, 1 Laptop, I am using self-hosted openvpn want to torrent but my VPS provider can't accept it, I need a way to bypass torrent traffic to not use my VPN and use direct connection intead.

What I have done, I set up tinyproxy on my laptop so my torrent use proxy and use my laptop internet connection, which the vpn I disabled, and I still have my vpn connected on my PC. Currently this solved my problem.

but I wonder the root problem, can I do it on windows to separate utorrent, or torrent port to not use my vpn? if can't, can I somehow set up routing table (?) to bypass traffic from incoming connection (from my PC) to not use vpn? server-side setup is not currently preferable (its on Ubuntu 18.04) but solution still welcome,

and do I need to know something first? google search keyword I need to know?,

thank you


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