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[SOLVED] nordvpn-bin, login via one command or script?

I installed this package and am able to log in to NordVPN.  Now I am trying to log in to my account using one command I can alias, so I don't have to look up the password every time.  Here is the help for the command:

$ nordvpn login --help
nordvpn login
Usage: nordvpn login [command options] [arguments...]

   --username value, -u value  Specify a user account
   --password value, -p value  Specify the password for the user specified in --username

I assume it would look something like this, but I get an error:

$ nordvpn login --username value --password value
Username or password is not correct.  Please try again.

Where "value" is the username or password.
I've tried with variants of -u and -p instead of --username and --password.  I've tried surrounding value with each of these: "(<[{.  I've tried using = instead of a space between --username and "value".  Each results in an error.

Is there something I am missing?  Or, is there a way to write the command or a script to fill out the following?

$ nordvpn login
Please enter your login details.
Email / Username:
Welcome to NordVPN!  You can now connect to VPN by using 'nordvpn connect'.

My apologies if this is beginner level, and should be in a different subforum.

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Re: [SOLVED] nordvpn-bin, login via one command or script?


Arch has a nice wiki on NordVPN on all the codes you can use.

it is a little easier to read then the --help

but to answer your question when you type out

nordvpn login

you will be prompted for your email address and password that you use to log into the nordvpn website.

so you are aware, there is a nice extention for nord via tweaks in the aur repositories. … nnect-git/

hope this helps you.


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Re: [SOLVED] nordvpn-bin, login via one command or script?

SurlyCycler, I don't see how any of that addresses the OPs question.  He knows how to log in - he's trying to automate it.

uruz, are there by chance any '$' symbols in your username or password?  If so that would explain your symptoms.  In either case, surround the username and password with single quotes:

nordvpn login -u 'myuser@domain.tld' -p 'my$ecretP@ssw0rd'

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Re: [SOLVED] nordvpn-bin, login via one command or script?

That did it!  I tried everything I could think of except single quotes.  Thank you for your help.


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