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Nvidia modules missing from mkinitcpio after update

Twice within three days I've done a regular system update (pacman -Syu) and both times there have been packages that are a version too high which causes the nvidia modules to go missing when the mkinitcpio pacman hook runs.
How can I see which packages are the wrong version?
How can I undo the bad updates?
How can I avoid this happening in the future?

I'd post more system info, but I'm not sure what to provide.


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Re: Nvidia modules missing from mkinitcpio after update

Which packages do you actually have installed and started? Post

pacman -Q linux
pacman -Qs nvidia
uname -a

Why do you have them in your mkinitcpio in the first place? You can avoid a few gotchas with not doing that. For identifying potential problematics look at the package log, in general a kernel update must be accompanied by an nvidia module update, if that isn't the case, double check your mirror list to ensure you aren't using anything outdated. As for avoiding this from happening, the easiest would be switching to nvidia-dkms as that way the modules are rebuilt with kernel updates on your own system.

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