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PKGBUILD Review Request (aseprite)

Hello. I noticed a while back that the current package for Aseprite on the AUR (v1.2.15-1), while seeming to work fine, had a few differences from the precompiled trial package you can get from upstream (i.e., some files were in slightly different locations). I decided to update the PKGBUILD so that both packages' file lists would be essentially identical; however, in doing so I added what could be considered bloat to an already large PKGBUILD, as well as a new makedepend (pandoc). Because Aseprite probably runs the same without them, should I remove those changes?

Additionally, Aseprite seems to contain some code from other sources and/or static libraries, which are licensed separately and noted in the documentation. Should I include those programs' licenses in the licenses array, the /usr/share/licenses folder, both, or none?

Any further suggestions for improving the PKGBUILD would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Here is a link to the PKGBUILD. Lines 185 through 192 (except for line 186; I know for a fact that Aseprite expects the README to be in that specific location) are the possibly extraneous changes I mentioned above.


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