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Libvirt/Spice/Pulseaudio - How to prevent guest volume changes?


This concerns running multiple libvirt VMs opened through the Virtual Machine Manager on a Pulseaudio host with Spice client installed on all the guest, all of which also have Pulseaudio and the same DE (MATE).

Whenever I switch focus from one guest to another, Spice or Pulseaudio changes the volume level of that guest, inside the guest, either muting it or unmuting it, depending on the state of the system - which I gathered is the host OR the audio state of the last guest.

This probably comes from the Pulseaudio philosophy but it creates real problems with volume swells and constantly having to mess with the guest volumes.

I would simply like Spice/Pulseaudio to leave the volume levels of my guests alone.

How can I configure this?

For the record I've had this problem since I started using linux many years ago and could never find anything in the documentations (spice site/redhat/wiki/etc.). If it's Pulseaudio, I never understood how that thing works or why it is the way it is.

It has to be Spice communicating it to the guests, but any way this could be disabled (in Pulseaudio settings) would be a godsend. I still need the other Spice functionality.



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