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Automated system info generator script ?

I don't know if this has been already discussed, but often people come in the forums asking for help and not providing any useful system information, so the member/moderator in turn that wants to help have to say them to actually provide something to work on.
Wouldn't be useful to provide an official script to generate formatted text of the common info to be pasted in the forums (journal -b pacman.log, xorg logs and so on)?


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Re: Automated system info generator script ?

The requested information is specific to the problem at hand, any script that had to cater to the majority of cases would provide far too much irrelevant information and drastically lower the signal to noise ratio of posts in the forum.

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Re: Automated system info generator script ?

What about the Jason-9000 ?  tongue

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Re: Automated system info generator script ?

Are you sure SnR would be higher than "please, post this; now please post this one too, please give me something to work on" ?
The bbs is full of those kind of posts.

One may consider to put the logs on pastebin like server.
I think they hold data for more time than the time needed for a post to be considered "necro" here.

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