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Dell Inspiron 7373 unexpectedly restarts

I have a Dell Inspiron 7373 that will shut down unexpectedly when I'm not looking. In some cases, the computer will reboot and in other cases I will return to find the screen off, no heat being generated, but the keyboard backlight and power button light on.  No inputs are accepted and I have to hold down the power button to restart.

This issue began occurring intermittently about a year ago, but now occurs frequently. The issue has happened soon after boot and when the system has been on for a while. The issue occurs on AC and battery power. The computer does not shut down while I am using it, only when unattended. The issue happens when the screen is unlocked and when locked with i3lock.

Both the UEFI power logs and the systemd journal do not include any relevant log entries. When the computer restarts, the UEFI logs only shows me turning the computer back off to read the logs. When I have to force-power-off using the button, that is the only entry. The most recent entry in journalctl -e -b -1 is usually Clam or something else that's not relevant to shutdown/startup. The normal service stop and shutdown log entries are not recorded.

Packages are up-to-date, kernel is 5.3.13-arch1-1.


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