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Cannot access Gnome screen lock password entry with keyboard only


This bug/feature exists for many months already, I would like to investigate more to resolve the UI problem.

When GNOME session gets locked after time out, there is a full screen wallpaper shown. If the user wants to unlock the session again, he has to either press enter or click & drag the wallpaper upwards so that the password entry field is shown again.

Unfortunately, quite often happens that pressing enter does not hide the wallpaper, and therefore the password entry field remains hidden. The same happens when screensaver kicks in on GDM login screen.

If the user does not have mouse or does not know the "drag upwards" trick, there is no way for him to get the user list (GDM) or password entry field (Gnome session)

I tried to search the existing GDM/GNOME bugs, but I probably cannot choose the correct search keywords. Or I am the only one hit by this bug, who knows.

Anybody has idea if this is just a setting of Gnome screensaver? Or if there is any existing bug report?

Milan Knizek


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