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Reasons for package removal

Is there anywhere where it is explained why packages are removed from the repositories ?

I'm just doing an update and have noticed certain removals (example - tangerine-icon-theme) that have been removed completely - not even dropped to aur. I thought removed packages got demoted to aur rather than complete removal...

I have the RSS feeds that show what is removed, but I can't find out why.

Actaully I did just trawl through the git logs and that sheds some light. It would be nice if the rss feed could include some kind of explanation or link to the commit(s) effecting the change, perhaps a link to the last commit where the package still existed so one can grab the pkgbuild if one wants to build the package themselves...


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Re: Reasons for package removal

Package removals in the official repositories are usually mentioned on arch-dev-public. There's no obligation to merge dropped packages to AUR, particularly since there's no automated way to do so.

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