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ACPI does not update lid state

Recently I found that there is an annoying bug with the acpi lid switch. It does not get updated whenever I suspend on lid close and resume on lid open, what I mean is that cat /proc/acpi/button/lid/LID0/state will output state: close while state should be open. When I close the lid again, it won't suspend, instead, it will change the state to open. So in order for it to suspend again on lid close after the first suspend, I have to close it, reopen the lid and close it again. Moreover, another effect of it is that if the state is stuck to close and unplug the power cable it puts the laptop to sleep.

While researching this issues (which I spent quite some time), I found that most likey it is related to the DSDT feature which is loaded at boot time. Some related links which I found to be describing the issue can be found here and here while regarding the DSDT features are described in the wiki here.

Before I start modifying my own DSDT file I tried what is suggested in the wiki regarding adding acpi_os_name or acpi_osi as a kernel parameter with the corresponding "Windows" values, which did not work (did not try the "Linux" option, which I do not think that would make any difference). Also, considering that the mentioned links are already quite some years old I would expect that this issues should be already addressed from the newer kernels but apparently this is not the case.

Thus, I would like to ask whether there is any other suggestion about trying something else other than create my own DSDT file which seems to be quite a pain and/or tricky?


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