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Games evaluate wrong default monitor

Every time I launch a game it seems like I'll have to deal with a surprise on which monitor it's going to launch this time.

I have three monitors, though only the one in the middle is what I want games to run on. It is set as my primary monitor in Gnome Settings, but apparently games evaluate the screen they should launch on differently.

My monitors are as following:
Left: 1680x1050 connected through DVI
Middle: 2560x1440 connected through DP (144 Hz)
Right: 1920x1080 connected through HDMI

It usually works best after a reboot, the middle monitor is evaluated as the first and the primary monitor in The Talos Priniple's graphics settings.

Apparently switching inputs on the middle monitor (I have multiple machines connected to it) causes it to 'disconnect' and then reconnect when I switch back, after that the monitor is enumerated as the third monitor the next time I launch the game.

I'm running Gnome on Wayland.

This affects other games as well, and is incredibly frustrating. Moving games between screens doesn't always work and the graphics settings of some games get reset every time due to this.


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