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New laptop Dell Precision 5540/XPS 7590...Are wayland and btrfs ready?

sorry for putting this topic here but I haven't found any other adequate category where to put this topic.
I just got my Dell Precision 5540, which is just a copy of Dell XPS 15 7590. Configuration 32GB RAM/i9-9880HK/T2000/1TB SSD/UHD OLED.
Currently I am having Lenovo ThinkPad T450s and using ArchLinux without any issues.
I want to configure ArchLinux to be future-proof same way as it is with my Lenovo.

I was thinking about getting BtrFS instead of EXT4 but then I saw this test: … tems&num=3 BtrFS performance just sucks so hard...I know it's one year old test, but could it be even used outside of testing environment?
Also is BtrFS ready for SSDs?
I would like to use it together with LUKS so my drive is encrypted.
I don't know how snapshotting works with encrypted drives and also how could I backup encrypted drives then?

I heard that nvidia drivers suck with wayland but I just want to have dGPU disabled while using Linux.
There is kernel parameter which disables dGPU so it doesn't draw power, right?
Old applications are incompatible? Could they be run using xwayland?
How is wayland with hiDPI? I know even Windows 10 are not ready so it will be big problem using UHD screen?
How is wayland with OLED? As OLED has no balcklight it could be an issue?
What are other issues with Wayland? I know about remote desktop...This is something that cannot be fixed?

Which DE? Sway? Enlightenment?
I am currently using Cinnamon for several years and I really like it. The problem is that I have a lot of tabs open and so on so tiling compositor is better suited. Also Cinnamon is not supported by Wayland.
I was thinking about trying Sway. It's minimalistic and it will take some time to learn to work with it, but I think it's really step forward for my workflow.
Or what about Enlightenment and Elementary OS ? I don't like Mac OS like environments, but it's both stacking and tiling compositor so when I find I don't like tiling one I don't have to install new DE.

Also any other tweaks or useful tips for Dell XPS 7590/Precision 5540 other than from wiki page? … ht_in_Sway

I read a lot and found many answers on most of these issues, but the most of them were outdated or unclear.
Thanks for any answers!

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