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Multi-monitor issue running i3wm with xfce4-panel

Hi guys.

I'm on my laptop that's connected to an external monitor.
I boot into lightdm.
I log into the i3wm session where I have replaced the i3status bar with xfce4-panel.
Everything's great, I have one xfce4-panel at the bottom of each of my 2 monitors (including primary laptop display).
I disconnect my laptop from my external monitor.

Heres my problem:
Now I have all 2 xfce4-panels stacked on top of one another on my primary laptop display.
The preferences for each panel still follows 'Display > General > Output > [monitor]' where [monitor] is a unique X output.
I reconnect my laptop to the external monitor and all the panels are back in their correct positions.

Question: how can I keep my other xfce4-panel away from my primary monitor?

The behaviour is correct when I log into xfce4 as the session from lightdm. I want to keep using i3 as the session however. I imagine using xfce as the session and replacing the window manager with I3 would work, but its a work around I'd rather not have to do.


Thanks smile

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