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youtube-dl wrapper (with added features) for managing youtube audio

Hi all,

I wrote a simple youtube-dl wrapper program (with added features) in python for downloading and managing youtube audio(s) - yt-audio

yt-audio added features
- Users can create/setup their own CLI arguments for managing youtube audio(s)/playlists (Example below). (Custom arguments are visible in --help).
- yt-audio adds option of keeping track of downloaded titles using file's metadata.
- Download each playlist/audio(s) in a different directory (right from command-line).
- And more...

Example usage:

# Synchronizes/downloads --custom1 and --custom2 custom argument URLs and download specified playlist URL as well.
# Custom arguments are configured in config file.
$ yt-audio --custom1 --custom2

# Saves playlist to /my/path/p1/<PlaylistName>/ and single audio to /some/another/path
$ yt-audio

Complete details, available options and setup procedures are documented on GitHub.

yt-audio is available on AUR as well as pypi.

Important Note: yt-audio uses configuration file to store custom arguments and other user settings.
The config file is not installed/copied during installation. The user has to copy the config file manually.
Please read config file setup instructions for details.

Hope you find this useful. Open to suggestions smile


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