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#1 2020-01-29 18:28:23

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[SOLVED] Want to adopt foundationdb-server-bin

I haven't yet found through research what the correct avenue for this request is, however below are my reasons that an admin should step in.

I would like to adopt the aur package foundationdb-server-bin [1], as the current maintainer appears to have abandoned it immediately after submission almost 2 years ago.

* I've already adopted foundationdb-clients-bin [2] and have automated the update process for it fairly well.
* The current maintainer does not have contact details available on their profile, so I cannot reach out to them.
* The package is already many versions outdated and I could update it within 10 minutes if I have commit rights.
* I've already submitted an orphan package request a week or more ago.


[1] … erver-bin/
[2] … ients-bin/

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Re: [SOLVED] Want to adopt foundationdb-server-bin … s#Requests

  • Orphan requests will be granted after two weeks if the current maintainer did not react.

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Re: [SOLVED] Want to adopt foundationdb-server-bin

Thanks! Idk how I didn't find that. Thank you!


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