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Kernel 5.5 update hides network adapter (HP 15-au123cl)

I updated my system today, and included in that update was an update to Linux 5.5. When I rebooted my system, however, I could not access my wireless card and was unable to connect to (or see) any network. Before I ran the update, the network card was working fine. Running lspci reveals that the network card in the machine is the Intel 3168NGW. I've tried to reboot into the fallback provided by grub, but still was unable to see my network card. Furthermore, utilities like wifi-menu and iwctl return no devices. Is there any troubleshooting tips I can take from here?

Edit: Downgrading fixed the issue for now. After this thread was posted, a bug was placed on the bug tracker. Anyone with similar problems can receive updates via

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Re: Kernel 5.5 update hides network adapter (HP 15-au123cl)

Welcome to the arch linux forums thecocohead.
Please post the output of the following :

journalctl -k -b-1 #if the last boot was under 5.4 if it was 5 boots ago you would replace -1 with -5 e.t.c.


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Re: Kernel 5.5 update hides network adapter (HP 15-au123cl)

Known issue:

Easiest solutions are downgrade to a 5.4.x kernel or install linux-lts.

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