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"Rustup does not install some Rust commands"

Difference between revisions of "Rust"

User:Aimilius wrote:

Rustup does not install some Rust commands that the rust package does include, such as rustfmt and rls. They are not included because this allows the Rust maintainers to ship a nightly of Rust with a broken rustfmt/rls. To install them, run rustup component add rls and rustup component add rustfmt respectively. This will also suspend updates of the nightly channel, if they break rustfmt/rls.

Well I'm new to Rust installation, and that line in the Arch Wiki Rust page is cryptic.

It seems to me to be related to this 2018 issue: Stop blocking nightlies when RLS/rustfmt/clippy is missing #69.

So my question is mostly about the third sentence there. Does it mean that if we install eg rls then somehow the nightly updates will notice that, check if it's about to break rls and if so refuse to be installed? Seems kind of godlike on the part of the nightly updates...


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