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Live USB Ignored

I'm trying to install Arch for the first time and am having difficulty getting my computer to accept the live USB.

My computer is a Lenovo Thinkpad P50. Currently my system dual-boots to Windows and Ubuntu. I was able to install Ubuntu with unetbootin without any problems. I'd like to replace all partitions, and only be able to boot into Arch.

I created a live USB with the `dd` command. I've already tried this with two different mirrors of Arch.

I've already tried:

Disabling secure boot.
Changing the boot loading order, so that my system boots from USB by default. This causes the system to reboot multiple times, until it eventually successfully boots into Ubuntu.
Using Legacy boot instead of UEFI: when I did this, I was brought to a menu with different boot options, and the USB was included among them. However, whenever I selected any of the options, I was brought back to the same menu within a few seconds.

I also tried to create a live USB with Puppy linux for recovery purposes with another USB stick, and had the same issues.


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