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#1 2020-02-14 09:58:13

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yay -Syu doesn't show all possible updates

Ok, so maybe it's because I am recovering from the flu & I am missing something very obvious. But I cannot seem to understand what is going wrong.

 yay -Ss icecat 

shows, among others, this line:

 aur/icecat 68.5.0-1 (+211 0.64%) (Installed: 60.3.0-3) 

So, obviously, the `icecat` package needs updating. However, when I run

 yay -Syu 

it does not show this package:

 Packages (5) python-packaging-20.1-1  python-setuptools-1:45.2.0-1  python-zipp-2.2.0-2  python2-packaging-20.1-1 python2-setuptools-2:44.0.0-1 

The same is true for some other packages.

Any one has any insight as to why the icecat package for example isn't listed using `yay -Syu`?


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Re: yay -Syu doesn't show all possible updates

Mod note: moving to AUR Issues.

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Re: yay -Syu doesn't show all possible updates

yay is also a pacman wrapper. The list you are looking at is the pacman update from the repos. If you finish that it will switch over to the AUR mode which will show you updates for your AUR package.

The fact you are confusing the two is usually a sign of not understanding the underlying systems as good as you should and you should read: … Repository in their entirety rather sooner than later so you understand the difference and can react accordingly if you run into issues with the AUR, with it's unsupported nature and all.

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