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#1 2004-02-11 05:30:54

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touchpad question [FXx]

Hi guys,

before downloading & installing Arch, i want to ask you if it will support my synaptics touchpad with the 2.6.x kernel? i've read that the touchpad is hard to configure with the new kernel. also does it support ReiserFS 4?

thank for your replies, Shemeta


#2 2004-02-11 08:40:56

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Re: touchpad question [FXx]

Your question is not AL-specific, but concerns linux kernel (what works on linux should work on any distro). Anyway, touchpads work out of the box for everyday operations, if you need more advanced features, search for an alternative driver & installation instructions.
Reiser4 is not even stable nor in the kernel yet...


#3 2004-02-11 10:15:06

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Re: touchpad question [FXx]

Yes I have (arch)Linux on my laptop and it work fine but I disabled it because it is veri annoying when you type.

About ReiserFS4 it has not been officially released, it is still in relase candidate.

Untill it is final I doubt that is going to be included, for sure as soon as it is oficially released archer start to work on it.

Anyway reserFS is something much more connecte to the installation process so the question is.It will be included in arch 0.6??
Personally I hope so..


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