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How to install sphinx search with the api for php 7.4 in arch linux

I need to use sphinx search for one of my websites. I downloaded the tarball from their website but I cannot install the PECL extension. As far as I know there is a way to install latest sphinx to php 7.4. The reason I've posted this here is I thought that there may arch linux specific things to do.

I found several patched repos , I've tried them but they do not seem to install.

I do not know how to check whether it is installed. I check it by ls /lib/php/modules and check whether is in it. I followed a ubuntu sphinx installation guide but it...

I installed sphinx by the aur and the commands indexer and searchd is working.

But I cannot figure out how to install it in php.

I configured, maked and installed the libsphinxapi.


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