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Writing a battery management addition

Hi all.

I'm considering to attempt to write something which would enable 'conservation mode' in Linux for my lenovo laptop.
Maybe as an addition to the TLP-battery management software, I'm yet undecided - but in any case:


I'm a novice, only real experience is a couple of courses in programming at uni, so I figure it will require tinkering and try and fail. Making conservation mode work, will as I understand it, require me to write something accessing ACPI, which to some degree has specificity depending on computer. I suppose it will require exploration and try and fail.

Is it possible or probable, I could end up bricking my laptop when tinkering with ACPI-tables? Could I easily end up damaging my computer while attempting to add this functionality?
I hope I'm getting the words right here, that I'm formulating the right question.


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