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Use dpms but do not lock / xss-lock ignore dpms signals

Hi everyone,
I have a rather simple to describe issue:

I am using DPMS to turn off my laptop screen and the screen attached to it after some time of inactivity.
Also, I am using i3lockr (which is basically just a wrapper around i3lock,
to lock my screen.
And finally, to trigger i3lockr on a session lock from systemd, I use xss-lock.

So far I am pretty happy with this setup except for the fact that xss-lock also picks up the DPMS signals to
lock the screen when turning it off.

As this is very annoying to me, I already searched the internet and various forums and man-pages for a solution,
but none of them worked.

What I already tried:
xss-lock's "--ignore-sleep" option
playing around with xset (screensaver and dpms) but I could have overseen something

What I do NOT want:
I do not want to just dim the screen brightness as this does not result in a brightness dimming on the attached monitor
and doesn't lead to the same energy savings as DPMS.

I'd be very happy about any kind of tips and also am willing to switch tooling, if that leads to this working.


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