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Suspend and hibernation not working on Acer Laptop

Hey guys ,
So can't seem to make hibernation or suspend work on my system. I followed the arch wiki and my loader for arch looks like this, I am using systemd-boot

 options root=UUID=fc33939a-ddaa-4456-99f0-4b74621d69a5 rw resume=UUID=fc33939a-ddaa-4456-99f0-4b74621d69a5 resume_offset=389120 

My journalctl after suspending looks like this:

(journalctl | grep -i suspend)

May 09 10:39:09 acerArch systemd[1]: Starting Suspend...
May 09 10:39:10 acerArch systemd-sleep[844]: Suspending system...
May 09 10:39:10 acerArch kernel: PM: suspend entry (deep)

From my understanding it is working, but what happens is the screen goes black and the power led is still on and the only thing I can do is hold down the power button to reboot the machine.

Do you guys have any tips on how to make it work ? If you need more outputs or information I will give it gladly.

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