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Loop-AES and Arch


I was thinking on making a distro hop again, this time to Arch. I have used Arch once before but that didn't impress me as I din't even get my nVidia drivers installed sad

Im currently running Debian Sid with encrypted LVM partitions using the dm-crypt.
After browsing net a bit and making myself more familiar to encryption options I though to try the loop-AES as it seems to be more secure and faster option than the dm-crypt.

Does loop-AES work with LVM or how?

After I have sufficient info I think I try to install it on my laptop.

Correct me if I'm wrong, you can install a Arch and then encrypt the existing installation without erasing the data on partition with loop-aes?

I'm planning on using the Suspend2 also with the loop-aes. I'll follow this


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