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#1 2020-05-13 14:04:06

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Help with translating

Since there is this whole situation with the pandemic, I decided I wanted to help with translating into my native language, Romanian. The thing is, there is no section in the Arch wiki for Romanian.
Any help with what I should do, or if I am even able to do that?


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Re: Help with translating

The official Arch Wiki is English only.
If you select the other languages, you'll see that they some of them are hosted under different domains by some language-specific communities.
I am also active within the German Arch Linux community on which is hosted on an entirely different Server.
There are some main pages in other languages hosted in the Arch Linux wiki on, but they use the same Wiki with english locales.

I just realized that there is actually some more content in other languages within the official Wiki.
Also there is a page about Wiki translation: … ranslating

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Re: Help with translating

Hi Andy, the Romanian articles used to be hosted on an external wiki, which however died somewhere around 2018, see Help talk:I18n#Dead links and https.

You're very welcome to help recreate the Romanian articles within the English/international wiki, we started a draft procedure a while ago, you can use that as a reference: Help talk:I18n#Checklist to add a new language.


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