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[SOLVED]Bizarre monitor disconnection (1 of dual monitor) after log in

I have started experiencing this bizarre issue. I haven't made any changes to my system, it just started occuring overnight. The only thing I may have done is strained my HDMI monitor cable yesterday after turning the monitor vertical - however it was working fine for the rest of that day. I also changed my HDMI cable and it didnt help.

I've had a dual monitor setup and it's been working fine for months. Essentially what just started happening today is that once the system boots into SDDM, both monitors are initially working (both show a login screen). As soon as I login into KDE, the leftmost monitor disconnects (remains powered on, but loses video input), and disappears from nvidia settings (I can only see my right-most monitor). If I un/replug the leftmost monitor, it briefly disconnects then immediately disconnects. As mentioned above I haven't made any changes to the system (no updates, etc). If I shutdown, the left display turns back on after X server ends and just shows the usual kernel logging info.

There is nothing obvious in my kernal log or Xorg log. I purged my Xorg configs and the issue stills occurs.

Any idea on how to debug this?

solved. looks like KDE decided to fuck with my display settings and disable my monitor for no reason.

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