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fftw-amd - AMD Optimized FFTW

Why not use Archlinux offical repository 
If you are using AMD Ryzen series or EPYC series CPU,  this package can boost the speed of fftw up around 30% compared to Archlinux official repository  (Test on Ryzen 3700X). 

Why not use Intel MKL
Intel MKL perform very poor on non-Intel CPUs, because it detect your CPU and switch to a slow path. 
I know there are some environment variables such as `MKL_DEBUG_CPU_TYPE` or `MKL_NUM_THREADS`. But Intel removed these trick since MKL 2020 Update 1. 

If you have problem on this package, report issue to here or AUR comment, have fun ^w^.

Sorry for my bad English...I'm Chinese.


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