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Laptop got suspended after DPMS turns off the monitor

Recently I decided to transform my laptop (Thinkpad T495) into a desktop, so I hook it up with two external monitors (through HDMI and USB-C to DP cable), turned off its own screen and use it with lid closed.

Everything is working just fine, then I started to notice it goes into suspend after I leave it inactive for a while. This has never happened before so I started to dig in to see what exactly triggered the sleep. I don't have systemd-logind configured to do just that, nor did I installed something like xautolock so it shouldn't be a configuration issue.

Then I started to see that sometimes, after being inactive for a while, external monitors would be turned off, but the system is not suspended (LED indicator is always-on). Instead, only until I pressed a key on my keyboard, then it goes into sleep (LED indicator is in breathing mode). It wakes up after I pressed a key again. I started to suspect it might be related to DPMS.

I then try forcefully triggered DPMS to turn off the monitor using xset command:

xset dpms force standby

Then my laptop got suspended! To my knowledge, this command should only turn off monitors but not suspending the whole system. I think it might be related to the closed lid, because I tried the same command with lid open, then only the monitor is off but system is not suspended.

Anyone has encountered this before? And why sometimes it's not suspended until I pressed a key? I am running i3-gaps and LightDM without any DE installed.

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