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J5005 / UHD 605 Graphics: 4k Youtube playback choppy


I own a ASRock J5005-ITX board that I use as HTPC.
On win10, this board can easily handle 4k VP9 playback in browsers, as the integrated UHD 605 can decode this in hardware.

On Arch however, I am stuck.

My current state is:
4k video playback in firefox on wayland with webrender using either the libva-intel-driver or (AUR) intel-hybrid-codec-driver-gcc10/libva-intel-driver-hybrid-gcc10 is working "so-so".
What I mean by that: 4K video is (I assume!) hardware accelerated, but not enough. there are occasional frame drops and stutters.

Here is what I tried and where I am stuck:
I followed the guides in the arch wiki ( … tion#Intel) as well as the wiki pages on enabling hardware acceleration for

Firefox and Chrome

  • Firefox Webrender - see above

  • Firefox  OMTC. OMTC is completely unusable, videos don't really play, there is an occasional frame here and there. CPU load on the four cores is ~70%.

  • chromium-vaapi on Gnome XOrg (X11) (from archlinuxcn repo): hardware acceleration is confirmed (as pointed out in the arch wiki), but not "fast" enough. Worse than Firefox webrender

Those in combination with different drivers for the hardware acceleration:

  • intel-media-driver gives me corrupted video output on chromium-vaapi

  • libva-intel-driver kind of works- see above

  • intel-hybrid-codec-driver-gcc10/libva-intel-driver-hybrid-gcc10 seem to be a bit better than libva-intel-driver

I consider my experience and knowledge "ok-ish", as I have successfully enabled hardware video acceleration on several other (ryzen / nvidia / Intel notebooks) already.
But I do not know now what is causing this and am glad for any help that points me in the right direction.

What can I do to find out where the problem is?
Or is the acceleration on linux simply not fast enough for 4k VP9 decoding + 4k video output?

Thank you very much in advance!



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