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Preparing for initial Arch boot with EFISTUB

I am near the end of the Arch install process and am at the step "Choose and install a Linux-capable boot loader".  I have a UEFI motherboard and the install USB stick was booted in UEFI mode.  I have followed the install steps up to the step mentioned.  I initially had the EFI partition mounted to /mnt/efi; but, after reading more documentation I realize that I should have mounted it to /mnt/boot.  So, I moved the files from /mnt/boot to /mnt/efi/EFI/arch, unmounted the EFI partion from /mnt/efi and remounted it to mnt/boot.

So, now under /mnt/boot/EFI/arch I have:

In it says:
"pacman will directly update the kernel that the EFI firmware will read if you mount the ESP to /boot."

How do I get pacman to do that?  There is no package efistub or EFISTUB.
Don't I need a file with a name something like *.efi in that directory?

More info:
I have 2 SATA drives configured as RAID0 using the firmware RAID capability (Intel Rapid Storage Technolgy, ada "fakeraid").
I already have Windows installed and booting OK.  I want to dual-boot Windows and Arch.

Any help much appreciated.
(I think I'm almost there! Just one more thing to take care of before I reboot.)


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Re: Preparing for initial Arch boot with EFISTUB

Why did you move content from /mnt/boot to /mnt/efi/EFI/arch?  You should have moved it from /mnt/boot to /mnt/efi so that it is in the root of the partition that will be used as /boot.  Now you need to move the kernel and initramfs images to the root of the filesystem which is to be mounted on /boot.

As for pacman updating those files, it's automatic whenever there is a kernel/mkinitcpio update.  You just need to undo what you've done.  Alternatively, just delete those files you moved and reinstall the kernel which will trigger pacman to generate and place those files properly.

You then need to follow the instructions for systemd-boot if that's what you intended to use to place the .efi file.

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