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F3D - a fast and minimalist 3D viewer

F3D v1.0.0, a fast and minimalist 3D viewer has been released !

F3D is a VTK-based 3D viewer following the KISS principle, so it is minimalist, efficient, has no GUI, has simple interaction mechanisms and is fully controllable using arguments in the command line.

It is BSD licensed, open-source and cross-platform (tested on Windows, Linux, and macOS). It supports several file formats, rendering and texturing options. The VTK rendering engine supports both OpenGL and ray tracing technologies.

It is very practical to quickly visualize and navigate through datasets stored on the disk.
It supports a large range of different options, volume rendering, sprites, camera positioning, color map, HDR textures, post fx options, coloring, ...
Supported file formats: VTK (legacy and XML), STL, GLTF, PLY, OBJ, 3DS, …
It can either be used from the command line, as an “Open With” software or by dropping files and folders into it.

F3D is compatible with the recently released VTK 9.0.0 and can be compiled against it or againt VTK master.
You can find it on the aur, we also provide binary release (no ray tracing support).

Please, have a look at the documentation and the gallery. Feedbacks and contributions are very welcomed and issues can be freely opened on the GitLab repository.

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