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Thinkpad P53s sleeps on keypress

I've got a ThinkPad53s which seems has a habit of (seemingly) randomly deciding that one key on the keyboard is a sleep key. Yesterday evening, for example, it seemed to settle on the 'y' key. Sleep is working on this laptop which would therefore suspend every time I pressed the 'y' key. On resume it was fine, but it's not great for typing. This morning it seems to be okay, but I haven't rebooted or updated. I have tried adding:




but this doesn't seem to have had any effect. Interestingly if I press Fn-backspace which should trigger a suspend it still does suspend (I thought this setting was supposed to stop that).

I'm really not sure how to debug this, the way that there's no obvious pattern to it does not help. I'm thinking maybe it might be something to do with whether it's on mains or battery but switching to battery now doesn't trigger the issue I was seeing last night. Can anyone suggest any logs I should be looking at or settings I should try to figure out why this is happening next time it occurs?


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Re: Thinkpad P53s sleeps on keypress

This reads like firmware bugs, try to get an updated UEFI here.

If this doesn't help look at kernel logs or so, especially wmi modules and what they are doing might be interesting (should be thinkpad-wmi on thinkpads)


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Re: Thinkpad P53s sleeps on keypress

@mnd999 do you still have the issue?, I have the same machine and the same problem, however I found an strange workaround, just change the keyboard layout at gnome settings

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