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Gyrc - python gtk 3 remote control app for musiccast devices

Hello, Community.   I have been an Archlinux user for about 10 years.   I am tinkering with other distributions now, but I am very shy and decided to post here.   I hope it is appropriate.

I have been, for the past month or so, developing a graphical app for controlling streaming sources to Yamaha brand Musiccast receivers and devices.   It is called simply:  Gyrc.   Pronounce as you like.  The visual effect pleases me. smile

This project is hosted at Github, at

There are some screenshots there in the 'images' directory which should explain the app.

I have been working with Python2 for years, but in the past few months I have learned much about writing a proper Python3 app.   I do realize this app is not Archlinux-specific.

I would appreciate anyone looking at  the Github repo, even trying out the app if you have a Yamaha Musiccast device(s).  You must enter the IP addresses of the devices yourself.   There are excellent apps for IOS and Android, but none for Linux or other PC-type OS's.   I desired such an app, so I built it and find it very useful.   It is still under development in early stages.   The best way to try it is to follow the instructions in the INSTALL file, which should be simple for most Arch users.

If the project is to continue, I need advice on many fronts from more experienced developers.   I hope to get the app into the AUR eventually.   Help with the code would also be invited if you desire.

Install it in your user directory for now.   It has (as of yet) no, etc, but can be git cloned and run with the script.

Thanks anyone for advice or just feedback. smile

Bob Allred -

edit:  Does anyone have this type of device(s) to test with?   Installation & configuration are much easier now, although it is not quite finished.   The development journal and screenshots are at  I do need some feedback, gentle or otherwise.   It would be quite useful to me.  And yes, I have installed it on Arch, with the Deepin DE.  I have created PKGBUILD's for AUR projects, but they are for Python2 and GTK2.   Thanks!

-- Bob 2020-07-27

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