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monitor: basic analog/digital IO through the internet

When I checked out all the distros archlinux was the best for me, light weight and fast. My web server now runs in 730.9MB.

The client software for this project is C++ and can be downloaded and extended to support any interface, but in this first release I use the Labjack T4.

The Labjack is used to read and write analog/digital values, while the software monitors the inputs and generates outputs. It can also control stepper motors, I demo that from PHP.

The client software can support any number of interfaces and the host software (free access) can support any number of devices. For instance if you had a bunch of weather stations, computers, or other devices that needed to be physically monitored, this would work. Any number of users can monitor the same devices as well.

I'll be adding more features as I get time, I hope someone finds it useful in this beta state.

I write about it here:

and I demo it here:

The beta system is at:



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Re: monitor: basic analog/digital IO through the internet

As this is your first post, this strikes me more as an advertisement rather than a contribution.

If you want the Arch Linux community to use this -- and by extension Manjaro, Arch Linux Arm, and all of the other forks -- I strongly suggest you create a PKGBUILD for this and publish it in the AUR … Repository

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Re: monitor: basic analog/digital IO through the internet

Hi ewaller, I didn't intend it as an ad, actually it's all free. The client can run standalone, but before I can put it in a AUR, I would need someone to try it out. Is there a "beta" section I could post to? No one has used this software but me at this point. I have nothing to do with Labjack the company, I have my own company, DPS that does transaction processing, but this was to be a free contribution. Actually I have a lot of software that I was thinking of contributing, but that's a lot of work and this was a first step. Thanks!


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