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youtube video sound sync problem with JACK (no pulseaudio)

Youtube video sound sync is going off using just JACK, no pulseaudio. I am currently using USB sound card and using the following settings.

jack_control ds alsa
jack_control dps device hw:3
jack_control dps rate 48000
jack_control dps nperiods 3
jack_control dps period 512
jack_control start

hw number 3, for my system, is the USB sound card. I thought increasing period would solve this issue, but the problem still exist. The longer the youtube video, it is likely that the sound sync is off, which it happens gradually. Looking at JACK panel (such as qtjackctl or patchage), I can see that the samples are dropping. When this starts it continues to drop more and more samples. When I restart the youtube video, sound is synced, but as time progresses it goes off again.

I posted this question few weeks earlier, and I thought the this issue is solved but apparently not..

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