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#1 2020-09-02 20:52:05

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HP Laptop Keyboard Doesn't Work In Plasma

Good afternoon, all!

I have an HP 11-n011dx that's been running Arch for almost a year now. It's my work travel laptop and it's been fine until about a month ago. Since I use it only monthly or so, I run pacman -Syu after logging in. Last month, I did this, and after a reboot, lost touchpad and keyboard. Here's what I know after some new testing:

* Arch version is 5.4.61-1-lts
* External USB keyboard/mouse works
* Laptop keyboard works in BIOS, GRUB and partway through booting. Laptop KBM stops working at login screen
* Once in Plasma with no KBM, I can plug in a USB keyboard and switch consoles to a bare terminal. I can unplug the keyboard and type on the laptop, UNTIL I go back to Plasma
* Here's the weirdest one: IN PLASMA, I can open a terminal and use showkey to read scancodes if I start it with a USB keyboard. showkey continues reading keycodes from the laptop after I unplug the USB keyboard

So, everything I'm seeing points to KDE/Plasma. I tried lsusb, dmesg and other utilities but couldn't find any errors. One thing I was able to fix was the touchpad - one post I found today suggested a user lost input from a bad synaptics.conf setup, and when I checked mine, my entire Synaptics package/setup was gone. Installing xf86-input-synaptics restored the touchpad in Plasma but had no effect on the built-in keyboard.

What can I check with the KDE setup or in Arch generally? Thank you all very much!


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Re: HP Laptop Keyboard Doesn't Work In Plasma

Have you tried deleting all your Plasma configs? Sounds like a faulty config on Plasma, since you are saying it works well outside it.

Also, try installing xorg-drivers metapackage.


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Re: HP Laptop Keyboard Doesn't Work In Plasma

Might be the same issue as I was having today: Latest xorg-server update, nonfuctioning laptop keyboard and touchpad


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