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(g)vim-syntastic breaks xterm keys:after system('uname')

Orignally submitted as a bug here:
closed, suspected configuration, but I doubt it. xterm keybindings are affected by a child process.

How can xterm be configured to be more robust, to become insensitive to a child process that breaks key bindings?

Running gvim in xterm, including the vim-syntastic plugin (AUR) causes xterm keyboard breakage. Most shift, ctrl and alt combinations give incorrect output, also after closing gvim. This occurs both in user and root, my root has no local plugins.

Syntastic causes the effect; running gvim with any of these does not break xterm:

gvim --noplugin
gvim --cmd "let g:loaded_syntastic_plugin = 1"
gvim --cmd "let g:loaded_syntastic_util_autoload = 1"

Commenting one function in /usr/share/vim/vimfiles/autoload/syntastic/util.vim, line 31, also resolves the issue (with warnings):

function! syntastic#util#system(command) abort

The sytem (shell) command 'uname' with which this function is called in /usr/share/vim/vimfiles/plugin/syntastic.vim, line 59, triggers the issue. No catch occurs in the function, 'out' gets assigned 'Linux^@'. Trimming '^@' does not resolve it either ( I checked) replacing assignment manually does resolve the issue, e.g.:

let out = 'Linux'

community/vim-syntastic 3.10.0-1 (113.7 KiB 677.5 KiB) [vim-plugins] (Installed)
VIM - Vi IMproved 8.2 (2019 Dec 12, compiled Sep 03 2020 21:38:43)
Linux Z 5.8.5-arch1-1 #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu, 27 Aug 2020 18:53:02 +0000 x86_64 GNU/Linux


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