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Why was caddy removed from the community repo?

I just noticed that caddy is no longer in the community repositories. I found … 05148.html and … 902ca4abf2 but both don't really explain why it was done.

I understand that the v1 branch of caddy is no longer maintained but that does not prevent anyone from packaging the v2 branch. Anyhow, I just want to know the reasons.

A more general question: where can I find more information when a package was removed from the official repos? I skimmed through the mailinglist archives and searched wiki and forums and found nothing. Is there somewhere else I could look?

If I could wish for something though, I would wish for more expressive commit messages, especially if the changelog feature of pacman is not used. Even a link to the discussion would suffice. But just describing "what" is somewhat useless for following the commit history, since "remove" and "updpkg" are somewhat obvious to see in the diff, but why e.g. some patches were added or removed is not.


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Re: Why was caddy removed from the community repo?

Normally if a package is removed, the commit message for removing it would be from the followup commit removing the trunk/ directory, not the one removing it from repos/. The latter only tracks which repositories it is currently present in.

In the case of caddy, IIRC the problem is it currently cannot be rebuilt, due to downloading code and configuration at build time from a decommissioned API endpoint. And the maintainers have not figured out the right way to package v2 yet.

It might have been considered not sufficiently worth it to continue maintaining an unbuildable v1 in the meantime, but I suppose once they have figured out a route to v2, they'll package it again.

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Re: Why was caddy removed from the community repo?

The "Pinned Comment" on the AUR package explains it: what's preventing packaging caddy2 in [community] is because its current version 2.1.1 doesn't build on the current version of go (1.15). So if you want caddy2, you have to downgrade go.


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