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looking for a solution for online teaching


I'm looking for a solution that integrate handwriting and playing videos.

Here in Brazil we are still teaching online and one important aspect of it is to include videos in presentations. I can do it in obs but it is quite complicated! THe other option that I tried is including video in libreoffice impress but it did not work at all. I tried what's suggested in, that is to say I runned the following command: #pacman -S gst-libav gst-plugins-{base,good,bad,ugly} gstreamer-vaapi
No chance. Libreoffice impress would also not be optimal because if I'm not mistaken, I could not write on top of presentation, save the written part and export to pdf.

I use xournal++ in order to prepare video lessons because it allows to write on top of a pdf. I remember that I use to use latex-beamer in order to embed or link video in pdf documents though, xournal does not seem to support this. A feature request is still open for this: … /b404c0ba/.

I'm looking for sugestions that would allow:
- hand-writting on pdf,
- saving handwritting,
- exporting pdf with handwritting and
- embbed video or allow to open videos via hyperlinks.


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Re: looking for a solution for online teaching

Have you tried Openboard?


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