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Network printer installation (Brother MFC-J5620)

I spent some time with trying to install my printer Brother MFC-J5620 accessible via network.
There is a PKGBUILD for this printer in the AUR:

and wikis for installing Brother printers: … er_drivers   (different approach than in the AUR, I used the deb packages) … ms#Brother (in German language)

The printer is shown in 3 variations in cups when it is switched on:
lpd://BRW48E244242CC8/BINARY_P1|Brother MFC-J5620DW
ipp://Brother%20MFC-J5620DW._ipp._tcp.local/|Brother MFC-J5620DW
dnssd://Brother%20MFC-J5620DW._ipp._tcp.local/?uuid=e3248000-80ce-11db-8000-30055ca78279|Brother MFC-J5620DW
The sequence varies ... and using these settings ends up with "printer cannot be localized". I remember reading something with avahi which might solve this ... but don't know exactly.

A working setting is "Internet printing protocol (ipp)" with connection "ipp://<ip_address_of_printer>" or ipp://<ip_address_of_printer>/ipp/port1" as in one of the wikis.
Now, there are two options for the driver: either "generic" together with "IPP everywhere" or manual setting the path to the ppd file under /opt/

I learned that only the generic settings / IPP everywhere - with a limited set of options like paper size, duplex, paper type, print quality and tray - are really working. The cups interface of the options is an interesting mix of German and English language ... but it works.

Using the options provided via the ppd file, cups doesn't recognize or ignores some of the settings, e. g. 2-sided print (duplex). After setting 2-sided, long edge, cups shows 1-sided. Argh. And in some cases, even if cups shows A4 paper size e. g. for a test print, the printer requests letter size. What is wrong here? Bugs in the driver files / ppd or filters provided by Brother? Or cups bugs / limitations?

I now set up 3 virtual printers on one physical printer with the generic / IPP everywhere interface: "standard": one-sided A4, "duplex": 2-sided long edge A4, and "foto": 4x6" borderless, photo paper, high quality, MF tray.

I haven't thought that it took so long with try and error to configure this printer.
Do you have suggestions how to improve this?


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Re: Network printer installation (Brother MFC-J5620)

Mod note: Moving to AUR Issues.

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