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#1 2020-09-12 12:37:10

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Unable to go to sleep / wake up from sleep immediately

Hi everyone,

I have some issues with going to sleep / suspend when closing the lid on my Mac Boor Air. It only works sometimes, other times just nothing happens (not even a message in journalctl). Furthermore, if it works (or if I use the button for going to suspend) it's resuming very soon afterwards.

For the latter I found a note here: … er_Suspend

This seemed to fixed this issue. I wonder though what it does and if it's an actual fix or just a workaround. As it notes, I can then only resume with the power button (even though pressing my keyboard will fill in the log in field of ssdm, but it needs the power key so the display turns on). So it seems like it's not targeting the real issue?
I found some acpi errors in my log, could these be responsible for it?

My first problem is kinda weird. Sometimes it's just not noticed when I close my lid. I'm not sure what to do as there isn't any output in my logs. Some idea here?



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