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[SOLVED] Power management - plasma-workspace (5.19.5-2 -> 5.19.5-3)

After running pacman update that included plasma-workspace (5.19.5-2 -> 5.19.5-3) when I start the desktop I get Power Management not loaded, and cannot be seen or started in Startup and Shutdown settings.  Downgrading just this package back to 5.19.5-2 allows everything to work as normal again.

Edit: I found that this was apparently due to the temperature monitoring widget running in the plasma desktop. By removing the Thermal Monitor widget from the desktop, and disabling the lm_sensors service with systemctl, then doing the pacman update to get fully up to date, the problem no longer occurs.  The system is an HP Envy X360 Ryzen 7 4700U laptop.

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