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USB ethernet dongle connection with netctl causing wierd issue

I'm not exactly sure if it's the USB ethernet dongle that's causing issues, but this never happens when I'm connected with wireless and I lose all network when this happens.


When I'm plugged in to the network using a USB hub -> USB ethernet dongle -> ethernet, I lose connectivity to the network, when I try to run: `sudo netctl stop ethernet` the command is non-responsive. Trying to kill the command doesn't work either. Any other `sudo` commands freeze. I can `su` to root, but I'm unable to `kill -9` any of those `sudo` processes. I can `netctl stop ethernet` but I can't `netctl start ethernet` again. What I have to do to fix this is do `halt -p`, which leaves me in a TTY with a blinking cursor until I smother the computer by pressing the power button for a few seconds.

This only happens occasionally so it's hard for me to debug and I want to get back to work so I just tend to reboot it forcefully and ignore it, but this week this has happened 3 times already, so I'm tired of it.


What logs should I check to debug this? What else can I do when I can't kill/restart processes using `kill`? Is this a known issue?



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