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[Wrkard] chromium 86 blinking screen when video switched to fullscreen

I updated system yesterday and chromium from 85.0.4183.121-1 to 86.0.4240.75-1 and now when watching video from any site in fullscreen the whole screen is blinking fast like the video would switch between windowed and fullscreen view. I use i3wm and when I switch to other desktop (for example second) then the chromium when in fullscreen mode video is played I can see this video not blinking played in fullscreen, but obviously can't control it. Nothing like this is happening when chromium is playing video in windowed mode, also nothing like this with firefox, even in fullscreen mode.

I use chromium from default arch package, not from AUR or anyhow modified.
I use NVIDIA GM107 with nouveau driver. Nothing special is displayed when starting chromium in terminal, just "Fontconfig error: Cannot load default config file: No such file: (null)", nothing special in journalctl or xorg log files.

What could change from chromium 85 to 86 that could do blinking video at full screen?

Chromium 87 and still no solution, so workaround: avoid to play videos on full screen on that system.

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